North Shore Menehune Surf Contest


This event is the longest running kids-only surfing competition in Hawaiian history and was established over 38 years ago. The Menehune holds a very prestigious reputation and is known for being one of the worlds biggest competitive surfing event for all kids under the age of thirteen. It’s held every year in our Historic Haleiwa Town at Ali’i Beach Park with perfect surf. Kids from all over the world come to compete in the event and it’s not uncommon for most victorious 13 year old Menehune’s to later become very successful professional surfers. CHANCE’EM has been a proud contributor for this event since 2012. Our organization really appreciates the opportunity to support our future generation of competitive surfers every year. The contest allows us to make a significant impact as a contributor by creating awareness and instilling our CHANCE’EM values into the the surfing youth community. We are honored to be one of the supporters for this event. Big thanks to the North Shore Menehune Surf Contest for putting on this great event every year and allowing us to be a part of it.