Chance’em is a Hawaiian brand originally established on the North Shore of Oahu in 2010. We focus on developing locally made products that represent a true Aloha spirit. Our company values are all about giving back to Hawaii’s youth. Our product sales have been supporting all types of youth enrichment programs since the creation of the brand. We also provide fun, safe, competitive experiences for Hawaii’s youth that emphasizes sportsmanship, character development with life skills, and academic achievement. We have a deeper understanding of the social, cultural and spiritual aspects of Hawaii and we aim to share these unique cultural values with our Keiki (youth) community. Our influence as a company helps to preserve Hawaii’s natural resources by educating Hawaii’s youth and community on the importance of protecting Hawaii’s coastal environment and lands. It is our belief that providing the youth with a “chance” to succeed in life will help to make Hawaii and maybe even the world a better place to live.
“Chance’em” is a local terminology in Hawaii that means: “take a chance” or “go for it” and usually involves doing something substantial. Our organization believes that the meaning of chance’em translates into a basic way of life that everyone can relate to. It’s an expression that can be used in many different circumstances and sometimes it involves taking some type of risk to obtain life’s greatest rewards. We believe that you must take a chance, in order to give a chance. Accomplish something incredible, “Chance’em” and giveback!
CHANCE’EM was created on the North Shore of Oahu in 2010. We’re a very small, “grass-roots” type of business dedicated to supporting Hawaii’s youth. Our group of athletic supporters are constantly pushing their limits above and beyond, by using their incredible talents to spread our humble message. Even though we originally started Chancing’em here on the North Shore; our ultimate goal is to reach out to the rest of the world and spread our “Chance’em” philosophy to Surfers, Skaters, Riders, Racers, Jumpers, Fliers, Divers, Climbers…you name it! Live Life, “CHANCE’EM” and give back!
CHANCE’EM mainly specializes in producing charitable, locally-made apparel, that financially supports our mission to fund youth enrichment in Hawaii. We also collaborate with other types of organizations and foundations, in order to create special community related events that will benefit Hawaii’s future. We are very fortunate to be based in one of the greatest communities in the world. Therefor we are dedicated to supporting and funding youth related programs throughout the State. One of our accomplishments has been creating and fully funding the Waialua High School Surf Team since 2010. Today, we’re very proud to say that we are now supporting all of Oahu’s High School Surf Teams. Chance’em has intentions to become a major supporter and contributor in the movement of surfing as a scholastic sport in all public schools throughout Hawaii. Our focus is all about producing locally made products for people to wear and represent, thereby helping our intentions flourish.
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